Documenting the Environmental Footprint – An important tool for building sustainably.

About 39% of global CO2 emissions come from the construction industry.

At the same time, buildings account for 40% of total resource usage. Methods are therefore created to enable contractors and other professionals to reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings.

With quantifiable environmental information about a product's life cycle, EPDs provide a solid basis for comparing different products with similar functions and making informed decisions in construction projects.

What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified document demonstrating relevant data about the life-cycle impact of a product.

Lafarge is now EPD Type III certified in more than 55 plants across Canada. We are also proud to be a pioneering ready-mix supplier with DEP certification in the country.

By having EPDs, Lafarge can now establish the exact CO2 reduction in each required concrete mix.

How Can EPDs Help Your Next Project?


Understand how Lafarge’s ready-mix concrete is made.


Quantify the environmental impact of our ready-mix concrete.

Be Informed

Make decisions with third-party verified data.


Tell the story of Lafarge’s ready-mix concrete in your project.

Differences Between EPDs

There are many different types of constituents that are available and can be incorporated into our concrete mix designs.

Each of these constituents, whether it’s a powder, an aggregate, or an admixture, will have a specific carbon footprint associated with it.

Therefore, each and every concrete mix design will have a product and location-specific EPD document for submission, which will allow your project to incorporate the most accurate CO2 data available.

There are three types of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) currently in the market:

  • Industry-Wide (Generic) EPD
  • Product-Specific Declaration (also known as EPD TYPE II or a self-declaration)
  • Product-Specific TYPE III EPD

Ultimately, the biggest differences are that an EPD Type III is third-party certified as well as guaranteed, whereas the other EPDs are not.

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