Lafarge introduced the ultra-low carbon cement product, ECOPlanet to the Pacific Northwest, part of the company’s Western Canadian market. 

The strength profile is the same as traditional Portland cement but we’ve decreased CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process by 35%. ECOPlanet – like all cements – is also used for mining and soil stabilization.

ECOPlanet is the global brand applied to low carbon cements that show a reduction in CO2 per ton greater than 30%, those which emit no more than 400kg of CO2 per ton. Compared to standard Portland cements – which typically emit upwards of 900kg of CO2 per ton – the impact is significant and reinforces our global leadership in sustainable and innovative building solutions that make sustainable cities a reality. 

With Lafarge's industry-leading formulation expertise, ECOPlanet’s sustainability profile is driven by innovative low-emission raw materials, including calcined clay and recycled construction and demolition waste. Its lower carbon footprint is further enhanced by decarbonizing its production process led by the use of alternative fuels.