Cycling safety


About our Cycling Safety Strategy

Our world is changing. The United Nations forecasts that by 2050, the global population will rise to 9 billion people, 70% of which will be living in cities. Growing populations present unique challenges: congestion, brownouts, flooding, and pollution to name a few. These pressures imply that we need to change the way we plan, build and maintain our urban centres. We need to build communities that are more accessible, more diverse, and more connected. As we build better cities, we need to consider how to move people within these communities safely and efficiently. We also need to consider how our communities can support healthier and more active populations.

For many Canadians living in urban centres, cycling presents a viable and sustainable alternative mode of transportation. Recent research has acknowledged, however, that safety concerns represent the greatest barrier for Canadians to adopt cycling.


This section of our website is dedicated to explaining Lafarge Canada Inc.'s approach to promote safe cycling throughout the communities in which we operate, by focusing on 5 key pillars: Health Promotion, Infrastructure, Vehicle Safety, Driver Education and Cyclist Education.

We invite you to navigate this site to learn more about Lafarge's Cycling Safety Strategy. Please contact us if you have further questions, concerns or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.

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Health Promotion

By partnering with key stakeholders, we will actively promote cycling as a valuable and sustainable alternative mode of transportation, which supports Canadians' health needs.

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By partnering with all levels of government and experts, we will support improved road infrastructure, by leveraging our expertise with construction materials and use of other industry-accepted practices.

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Vehicle Safety

By conducting a systematic review of vehicle fleets that transport our products on public roadways, we will identify industry-accepted engineering solutions with the goal of preventing vehicle-cyclist collisions.

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Driver Education

We are confident that a re-investment in our driver training programs will further reduce the risk of vehicle-cyclist collision, by ensuring our drivers are equipped with the best skills available when sharing the road with other Canadians.

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Cyclist Education

To stimulate this discussion, and to raise awareness on the importance of cyclist safety, Lafarge Canada Inc. began to hold cyclist safety events in local communities across Canada, starting in 2015.