Conventional Concrete Solutions


Market-based expertise plus consistent quality, across Canada

Lafarge provides a range of concrete that meets basic placing and finishing requirements for walls and floors. Our quality products include standard set times and strength gain characteristics, and all are provided with our exceptional service and support.

The Canadian climate can be a harsh environment for concrete, and our teams and concrete that continually meet CSA requirements. And, Canada’s regions and municipalities have specifications and practices that reflect their unique conditions. In order to ensure the right product for your project, Lafarge provides several products that meet these requirements.

We are Canada's concrete experts.



Concrete Flatwork and Placing

Save time and money on your concrete supply, placing, and finishinh with Lafarge's quality product and performance. As part of Lafarge’s service offering, our concrete flatwork and placing teams are seasoned professionals providing decorative and structural flat-work, footings, and foundations. We provide place and finish services across Western Canada. Use the links to the right to learn more about how we can service your project from start to finish - specializing in residential and small commercial construction and combining the highest quality materials with skilled installers to get your job done right.