Clean Air Continues to be Essential for Lafarge Sustainability

Lafarge Canada Inc. and Calgary Region Airshed Zone celebrate industry collaboration this Clean Air Day


CALGARY, Alberta, June 2, 2021 - As a long-standing industry member of the Calgary Region Airshed Zone non-profit organization, Lafarge Canada Inc. continues to demonstrate unwavering commitment to clean air for all. Working collaboratively with other industry members, community, and government organizations, CRAZ is a vehicle for productive multi-stakeholder discussion and action regarding local air quality.

CRAZ monitors, analyzes and reports on the ambient air quality in Calgary and the surrounding region including operating the continuous ambient air quality stations in Calgary and with a portable air monitoring laboratory. As an industry member, Lafarge participates with concerned citizens, industry partners, and other stakeholders in the region to discuss policies, regulations and frameworks that affect air quality for all. 

Bob Spence (Vice President and General Manager, Southern Alberta and Western Canada) says, “Air quality is a significant concern for public health and Lafarge recognizes it has a role to play in protecting it. When we talk about our sustainability goals, air quality is an integral factor. We have been partners with CRAZ for 13 years - in that time, we’ve had a big impact on our own operations and our peers. We’re proud of the legacy we have built, and continue to build from our anti-idling campaigns to transparent air monitoring programs.”


Jill Bloor (Executive Director, CRAZ) added “The involvement and enthusiasm that Lafarge brings to the table shows dedication toward creating a more sustainable environment where we all live, work and play. We need participation from industry because they have the ability to make a large and positive impact on the way we manage our clean air. The consistent presence from Lafarge has helped CRAZ continue to educate and inform the public about air quality and health impacts for the past 13 years. Celebrating this kind of collaboration is what will continue to build healthy and connected communities.”

The impact of poor air quality on personal health, environment, and the economy is recognized by Lafarge as a core element of the new sustainability strategy. Lafarge’s commitment to lower emissions is well aligned with the values of CRAZ to empower public citizens' awareness of local air quality issues, prevention, and impacts, backed up by real-time scientifically defendable data and research. “We all share the air,” says Spence. “Whether you’re a business or an individual, we can all make small changes that lead to big differences.”


About Lafarge Canada Inc.

Lafarge is Canada’s largest provider of sustainable construction materials and a member of the global group, Holcim. With 6,000 employees and 350 sites across Canada, our mission is to provide construction solutions and products that build progress for people and the planet. The cities where Canadians live, work, and raise their families along with communities’ infrastructure benefit from the sustainable portfolio provided by Lafarge, consisting of Aggregates, Asphalt and Paving, Cement, Precast Concrete, Ready-Mix Concrete, and Road Construction.


About Calgary Region Airshed Zone

The Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) is a non-profit organization with members from government agencies (provincial and municipal), non-profit organizations, industry and the public.   Established in 2007, the Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) provides comprehensive air quality service to more than 25 municipalities, 200 industry members, and all Provincial Government agencies within a region of south-central Alberta that is home to more than 1.5 million Albertans.  In its 13-year history, CRAZ has already established comprehensive baseline air quality throughout the region for key air quality parameters.  CRAZ is a primary source for local air quality news, education programs and data information.


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