Celebrating the Success of Western Canada 2023 Scholarship Recipients – One Year On

Lafarge is dedicated to nurturing the potential of future leaders through initiatives such as the Western Canada Scholarship program. Launched last year, this program provides $4,000 annual scholarships to the children of Lafarge employees, irrespective of their background or circumstances, emphasizing the value of diversity and inclusivity in talent development.

Today, we are delighted to share the remarkable journeys of our 2023 scholarship recipients, each of whom has demonstrated exceptional commitment to their academic and personal growth.


Joshua Salisi: Aspiring Nurse

Joshua Salisi is on the verge of completing nursing school and aspires to make a significant impact in acute medicine units. Joshua expressed his future plans:

“After completing nursing school, I see myself working in an acute medicine unit. The nursing shortage is still all too real, and acute medicine units experience this worse than any other unit. Providing support to the medical system by working in these settings will also provide me with valuable experience that can only be seen in acute settings. Once I put in enough time and feel ready, I hope to work in an ICU setting.”

Tristen Hutter: Future Doctor

Tristen Hutter, a Biological Sciences student specializing in Evolution and Biodiversity at the University of Manitoba, conveyed his appreciation for the scholarship:

“The scholarship has impacted me immensely by supporting my academic journey to becoming a doctor. I am extremely grateful to have such a strong support system that pushes me to be the best I can be every day, and Lafarge's contribution only adds more fuel to the fire and acts as motivation to achieve my dreams.” 

Sunidhi Wadehra: Advocate for Environmental Law

Sunidhi is pursuing a career in environmental law with a focus on natural resources and energy usage in Alberta. She explained how the scholarship has been pivotal in her journey:

“I will always be so grateful for this scholarship as it gives me confidence not only to make a feasible financial plan for my journey in law school, an undeniably expensive endeavour, but receiving the scholarship was a great initial boost in my personal confidence... I plan on pursuing environmental law, specifically narrowing my focus to natural resources and energy usage in Alberta. I chose this field of focus in light of the major environmental devastation my generation has witnessed, and I hope to help make a difference in the environmental sphere in Canada."

Seth Perez: Passion for Biological Research

Seth, who is in her second year of studying biology at the University of British Columbia, aims to contribute through research:

“Through the completion of my post-secondary education, I hope to contribute the knowledge and skills I learned that provide meaningful, positive change, primarily in the form of research. I believe that my contributions as a biologist can aid others in their day-to-day life, whether in regard to their health or environment.”

Commitment to Future Leaders

Joshua, Tristen, Sunidhi, and Seth's journeys exemplify Lafarge's core values of dedication to academic excellence and community impact. We take pride in supporting these future leaders and reaffirm our commitment to nurturing talent to drive positive change across various fields. We are honoured to be a part of their success.

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