Lafarge Canada helps build a new playground for Bissell Centre


In 2020 Lafarge has had the opportunity to work with the Edmonton Bissell Centre on the construction of a new daycare play space.  Bissell Centre has been operating respite child care since 1972, offering parents the opportunity to take care of themselves or pursue employment while knowing their children are safe and cared for. However, when it was time for parents to find full-time care for their children, they faced many barriers: the lack of spaces available, cost, and finding a centre that understands and can support the needs of their children and their families.  Therefore, the Bissell Centre has been operating a daycare with increased and longer-term access to care, and recently has undertaken to create additional spaces to improve access and options for parents in need.

bissell play space 1

Lafarge supplied, prepared, and placed the concrete for all the sidewalks around the new daycare building and for a shed/storage area for toys. We included a ramp and made sidewalks wider than typical for improved stroller accessibility. Lafarge Precast supplied light pole bases that were used as barrier curbs to bolt fences on to and ensure the outdoor space was private and safe. This was an innovative solution put in place to avoid risking puncture of waterproofing membranes in the parkade beneath the play space.  The new daycare and associated play space is set to open its doors on November 2nd, and we couldn't be prouder to have been part of creating this amazing service and space. 

Stats on families served and spaces available:

- In 2018-2019 Bissell saw 5,353 visits through the existing childcare centre.

- the new centre will have 66 child care spaces, 16 part time respite spaces, and nine temporary full-time respite 

- there will also be some full time spaces that will be eligible for subsidies or full childcare fees, whichever is more appropriate for the family.