Edmonton Pipe sustainability initiative shows promise


SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 - EDMONTON, AB: Lafarge Canada's ongoing energy audits and initiatives to reduce consumption continue to show promising results. The pipe manufacturing facility in Edmonton, AB, have been monitoring their electricity usage, and recently re-assessed their consumption, after completion of a retrofit project. The retrofit is expecting to yield a reduction in electricity use at the plant by 20% by the end of  2020, with potential for further reductions in the future.

The Edmonton pipe plant completed a wholesale conversion of all their lighting to high efficiency LEDs, which typically consume about 65% less electricity than conventional lighting. Furthermore, LED light bulbs last much longer than the conventional lighting (~10 years), translating to additional savings in maintenance and replacement costs over and above the electricity cost. 

Approximately 200 Tonnes of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) will be eliminated in 2020 with the retrofit. This is the equivalent of taking 43 cars off the road for one year - all thanks to changing out the lighting. Small and simple changes can translate into enormous GHG savings. Initiatives like this are led by our own teams, who pride themselves on being innovative and collaborative. Congrats to the pipe team - and thanks for making a difference!