Agilia® Screeds

Agilia® Screeds

A pump-applied, free-flowing floor screed that can be designed as a complete floor system and placed by one of our authorized applicators.


Floor surface

Achieves a smooth and flat floor surface to the degree required by many modern floor coverings, with minimal cracking and no curling.

Easy Placement

Up to 40,000 square feet can be placed per day with little labour, using a simple barring method, with few construction joints or need for reinforcement.

Weight savings

Due to the thin design, thickness required and lower density of the slab, there are significant weight and material savings.

Thermal and acoustic flooring

Used in a floating floor system as part of the insulation barrier or within a radiant floor heating system for its thermal conductivity and compaction around the heating pipes.



  • Agilia Screed A - Technical Guide (pdf, 2.69 MB)
  • Agilia Screed A EN 191107 (pdf, 525.89 KB)


  • Sub-floor leveling
  • Bonded applications which can be feather-edged (when using Agilia Screed A FINA)
  • Unbonded or floating construction; In-floor heating; Ideal for both new build and renovation work
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial floors