Aggneo Recycled Aggregates

Aggneo: Recycled to build

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Lafarge Canada introduces Aggneo, the industry’s highest quality recycled aggregate.

Aggneo manages construction and demolition waste sustainably while providing the assurance and confidence you need for your project. 


Learn more about Aggneo in action in Vancouver, BC on highway improvements



Consistent quality & performance
  • Aggneo is the industry's top performing 100% recycled quality aggregate.
  • Aggneo is strictly controlled for quality, consistency and performance.
  • Aggneo is as reliable as non-recycled aggregates.
  • With Aggneo, you don't have to compromise on strength or durability. 
  • Aggneo gives you peace of mind and confidence for your project.


Recycled & sustainable
  • Aggneo recycles used concrete and construction waste as recycled aggregates.
  • Aggneo offers a sustainable alternative to harmful building products. 
  • Aggneo helps you meet LEED, Bream and SNBS requirements for building materials.
  • Aggneo helps you recycle construction and demolition waste as a sustainable and cost-efficient aggregate.
  • Recycled aggregates can make a significant contribution to resource efficiency.
  • With Aggneo, Lafarge contributes to a more sustainable development of the construction industry for the benefit and well-being of future generations.
Versatile & flexible
  • Aggneo helps the construction industry meet the challenges for an environmentally friendly construction and demolition waste management within a circular economy.
  • Aggneo can be used for a wide range of civil engineering and building construction applications.
  • With Aggneo, therefore, you not only build more sustainably, but also more future-oriented and cost-efficiently. 
  • With Aggneo, we support you in aligning your projects with the needs and benefits of your customers and future generations.
  • By using Aggneo, your projects become part of a more sustainable future for the construction industry.