A new brand of recycled aggregate providing high, consistent quality and reliable performance.


Quality Assurance

Lafarge’s QA/QC process ensures that the Aggneo range of recycled products are consistent, reliable and engineered to perform to their designed purpose. Lafarge masters quality control through extensive training and worldwide experience. It manages the inbound sourcing process and ensured that high frequency and rigorous testing are implemented all along Aggneo’s manufacturing process.


Our network of sites and proximity to market is a key aspect of serving our customers. Convenient locations for the disposal of construction materials and sourcing of aggregates provide economic advantages by optimizing the supply chain as well as generate environmental benefits. Shorter transport distances mean lower CO2 emissions and are a concrete step toward sustainable development.


Recycled aggregates contribute to building a more secure supply to the market for our customers. Lafarge’s new Aggneo range of recycled aggregates is an effective solution suited to today’s challenges. Using recycled aggregates diverts material away from landfills in addition to preserving and extending natural aggregate reserves.