Concrete Insights Webinar #1: Concrete Direct

Find out how you can improve the efficiencies of Field Operations Personnel, Office and Coordination Personnel, and Administration and Payable Teams. And ConcreteDirect's touchless systems make it even easier to follow social distancing guidelines and keep your teams safe.  


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Climate Insights Webinar #2: Sustainability in Cement Manufacturing - Exshaw, AB

The first of our 2020 Western Canadian environmental podcast series, we chat with Dene Cooper, a longtime resident of Exshaw (the home of Western Canada's largest cement plant) about how to collaborate with communities to drive policies that serve both the public interest and ensure sustainable business models in manufacturing. The more things change, the more they stay the same. (Podcast recording only - no video)

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Concrete Insights Webinar #2: StruxHub

Find out how you can improve the efficiencies of deliveries and tracker using StruxHub, a new site management software. The webinar reviews Deliveries – a real-time site logistics management system that coordinates all subcontractors delivery requests on a jobsite to ensure your teams get their materials—where & when they need it – and Tracker – a collaborative schedule tracker that brings your schedule to the Field, so  teams can understand & update assigned tasks, and the Project can finally align around a single source of information.

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